Joe Howe
Composer, Performer and Collaborator, based in Glasgow.
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I'm a composer, performer, sound artist and collaborator, living in glasgow with my wife, Emma.

As a musician, I've released several albums and EP's on various labels since 2005 and have toured heavily throughout the UK, Europe and the US. My last record, 'No Master Dynamics' was released through London-based label ADAADAT. I currently also play Sax and Keys in weirdo-jazz band, Banana Oil.

My personal artistic practice incorporates research, design and performance and sometimes relates to the use of technology in making art. This often manifests in the form of Max/MSP aided performative works, which function as a site of research for concepts and problems I am engaging with.

I regularly work in collaboration with visual artists, adding an aural element to their work, translating conceptual or visual ideas into sound, providing live and recorded arrangements for musical works, or designing and producing performative and theatrical structures. I've also worked on sound design and composition for two theatrical works by director Santiago Blaum.

The threads that tie my work together:
- Collaboration and it's ramifications: the auteur versus the collective, group authorship, affect.
- Examining the purpose of design in music & sound art: problem solving / strategy / systems.
- The relationship between the (sound) artist and technology: aesthetic / physical / sociological.
- The aesthetics of musical technologies and how this determines their use: the synthesizer / the "interface" / the digital programming environment.

I hold an MDes (with Distinction) in Sound for the Moving Image from Glasgow School of Art.