Joe Howe

Musician & Sound Artist,
Based in Glasgow.

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About Me

I'm a musician and sound artist, living in Glasgow with my wife, Emma.

As a musician, I've released several albums and EP's on various labels since 2005 and have toured heavily throughout the UK, Europe and the US.

My last full-length record, Plastic Thought , was released through Acid Waxa.
I also play Saxophone and Piano in 'Jazz-Fusion Supergroup' Banana Oil.

I've been working in Sound for Artists Moving Image, Installation and Stage work for over 10 years.
My practice includes sound design, original music, creative production and workshops, live and recorded arrangements for performance and mixing for screenings and installation, alongside occasional foley and location recording.

I love to work in collaboration with artists of differing practices and enjoy the challenge of communication between mediums and approaches.

I hold an MDes (with Distinction) in Sound for the Moving Image from Glasgow School of Art.

Likes: skateboarding, drawing, camping.
Dislikes: tiny crockery.