Switch On: Konferenzoper.

Premiered at Hebbel Am Ufer, Berlin, October 2010.
Directed by Santiago Blaum.

SWITCH ON - Konferenzoper von Santiago Blaum. from Switch On on Vimeo.

From March to October 2010, I was involved in the production of "Switch On - Konferenzoper uber der Himmelfahrt der elektronischen Musik als barockes Bild", written and directed by Santiago Blaum and financed by means of the Regierende Burgermeister von Berlin-Senatkanzlei-Kulturelle Angellegenheit. The Opera was co-produced by Festspielhaus Hellerau-Dresden, and Hebbel am Ufer-Berlin, premiered in HAU3 during october 2010. The Opera has since been performed at Festspielhaus Hellerau-Dresden and more recently, Uferhallen Studios in Berlin.

My role was to work with Santiago's musical arrangements, creating the "baroque synthesizer" sounds of the piece and to program a musical interface by which the electronic elements of the Opera could be performed.