Joe Howe
Composer, Performer and Sound Artist,
based in Glasgow.

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Sound & Music for Artists

I specialise in sound design, record, mixing and composition for artist's film and installation work.
Now booking jobs for 2020.

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Hardeep Pandhal - Happy Thuggish Paki (2020)
Sound recording, composition and mixing for Hardeep Pandhal's 'Happy Thuggish Paki', as part of 'Confessions of a Thug: Pakiveli' at Tramway, Glasgow.

Charlotte Prodger - Saf05 (2019)
Sound recording, saxophone, treatments for Charlotte Prodger's Venice Biennale Film, 'Saf05'.

Georgia Horgon - Dear Barb (2018)
Sound recording for Georgia Horgon's Jerwood film 'Dear Barb'.

Gas TowerWhat's with all this emotional? (2018)
Sound recording for Gas Tower's film 'What's with all this emotional?', screened as part of Glasgow International.

Lucy DuncombePop Ago (2018)
Development, arrangement, original music in collaboration with Lucy Duncombe for 'Pop Ago' performance, as part of Counterflows Festival.

Hardeep PandhalPool Party Pilot Episode (2018)
Original Music, sound recording for Hardeep Pandhal's film 'Pool Party Pilot Episode', shown as part of the New Museum Triennial.

Hardeep PandhalKonfessions of a Klabautermann (2017)
Original music, sound recording, mixing & live performance in collaboration with Hardeep Pandhal's, for his show 'Konfessions of a Klabuatermann', exhibited at Berwick Film Festival.

Charlotte ProdgerLHB (2017)
Sound recording for Charlotte Prodger's film 'LHB', shown at Berwick Film Festival.

Rob ChurmParasite Rex (2017)
Original music, audiovisual installation made using Max/MSP for Rob Churm's show 'Parasite Rex', CCA, Glasgow.

Hardeep PandhalThe Rebirth of Sacred Cow Mixtape Trailer (2017)
Original music, recording, mixing in collaboration with Hardeep Pandhal, most recently exhibited as part of his show 'Liar Hydrant', Cubitt Gallery, 2018 and originally shown at Tanya Leighton, Berlin.

Hardeep PandhalNightmare on BAME Street (2017)
Mixing for Hardeep Pandhal's film 'Nightmare on BAME Street', shown at Eastside Projects.

Kathryn Elkin Television (2016)
Original music, sound design, sound recording for various pieces in Kathryn Elkin's exhibition, 'Television', at CCA, Glasgow.

Gas TowerHow When The Where (2016)
Original score, sound design, sound recording, editing & mixing for Mark Brigg's film work, 'How When The Where', screened as part of Glasgow International.

Kathryn ElkinWhy La Bamba? (2015)
Sound recording, editing and mixing for Kathryn Elkin's film work, 'Why La Bamba?', shown at CCA Derry~Londonderry.

Rob ChurmRigor Mortis, The Glone Speaks (2015)
Sound recording & foley, editing, mixing, original score for Rob's film work, shown as part of 'Imaginary Magnitude' at Glasgow Project Room.

Annabel FrearsonJustine Time By Lake / The Panegyric and the Into-Face (2014)
Original composition, editing & sound design for Annabel's work(s), 'Justine Time By Lake' and 'The Panegyric and the Into-Face', deriving from Annabel's original texts. Pieces achieved using traditional recording methods and Max/MSP interfaces / manipulation.

Annabel FrearsonBad Brain Call (2012)
Album of original compositions, entitled 'Bad Brain Call', derived from Annabel's original texts. Launched at Xero, Kline & Coma.