Hardeep Pandhal - 'The Rebirth of Sacred Cow Mixtape Trailer'.

As part of 'Steps to Aeration' group show.
Curated by Sarah McCrory
8 July - 1 September 2017.
Tanya Leighton, Berlin.

Our boundaries are dissolved and our bodies no longer our own. Trusted signs no longer mean what they meant, truths are dissolved, movement is restricted, and the ground shifts underneath our feet.

Darja Bajagi?, Vittorio Brodmann, Elliot Dodd,
Ida Ekblad, Rachel Harrison, Renaud Jerez,
Kris Lemslau, Djordje Ozblot, Hardeep Pandhal,
Jessi Reaves, Sterling Ruby, Max Hooper Schneider

I contributed original music, sound design, sound recording to Hardeep's audiovisual piece, as part of our ongoing collaboration.