Sound recording & editing, composition and sound design for artist's work, 2012 to present.
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Kathryn Elkin - 'Television'
Original music, sound design, sound recording for various pieces in Kathryn Elkin's exhibition, 'Television', at CCA, Glasgow, 2016.

Gas Tower - 'How When The Where'
Original score, sound design, sound recording, editing & mixing for Mark Brigg's film work, 'How When The Where', screened as part of Glasgow International 2016.


Kathryn Elkin - 'Why La Bamba?'
Sound recording, editing and mixing for Kathryn Elkin's film work, 'Why La Bamba?', shown at CCA Derry~Londonderry, October 2015.

Rob Churm - 'Rigor Mortis, The Glone Speaks'
Collaboration. Sound recording & foley, editing, mixing, original score for Rob's film work, shown as part of 'Imaginary Magnitude' at Glasgow Project Room, September 2015.


Annabel Frearson - 'Justine Time By Lake' / 'The Panegyric and the Into-Face'
Collaboration (alongside Julia Scott.
Original composition, editing & sound design for Annabel's work(s), 'Justine Time By Lake' and 'The Panegyric and the Into-Face', deriving from Annabel's original texts. Pieces achieved using traditional recording methods and Max/MSP interfaces / manipulation.


Annabel Frearson - 'Bad Brain Call'
Collaboration. Album of original compositions, entitled 'Bad Brain Call', derived from Annabel's original texts. Launched at Xero, Kline & Coma, may 2012.