Collaborative Works: Complete list (by year)

Sound recording & editing, composition and sound design for artist's work, 2012 to present.

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Hardeep Pandhal - 'The Rebirth Of Sacred Cow Mixtape Trailer'
Original music, sound design, sound recording for audiovisual piece for Hardeep Pandhal, as part of 'Steps To Aeration' group show at Tanya Leighton Gallery, Berlin, 2017.

Rob Churm - 'Parasite Rex'
Sound design, Max MSP programming for audiovisual piece, as part of Rob Churm's 'Parasite Rex' solo show at CCA, Glasgow, 2017.


Kathryn Elkin - 'Television'
Original music, sound design, sound recording for various pieces in Kathryn Elkin's exhibition, 'Television', at CCA, Glasgow, 2016.

Gas Tower - 'How When The Where'
Original score, sound design, sound recording, editing & mixing for Mark Brigg's film work, 'How When The Where', screened as part of Glasgow International 2016.


Kathryn Elkin - 'Why La Bamba?'
Sound recording, editing and mixing for Kathryn Elkin's film work, 'Why La Bamba?', shown at CCA Derry~Londonderry, October 2015.

Rob Churm - 'Rigor Mortis, The Glone Speaks'
Collaboration. Sound recording & foley, editing, mixing, original score for Rob's film work, shown as part of 'Imaginary Magnitude' at Glasgow Project Room, September 2015.


Annabel Frearson - 'Justine Time By Lake' / 'The Panegyric and the Into-Face'
Collaboration (alongside Julia Scott.
Original composition, editing & sound design for Annabel's work(s), 'Justine Time By Lake' and 'The Panegyric and the Into-Face', deriving from Annabel's original texts. Pieces achieved using traditional recording methods and Max/MSP interfaces / manipulation.


Annabel Frearson - 'Bad Brain Call'
Collaboration. Album of original compositions, entitled 'Bad Brain Call', derived from Annabel's original texts. Launched at Xero, Kline & Coma, may 2012.