Joe Howe

Musician & Sound Artist,
Based in Glasgow.

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"Joe Howe"
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In 2013, Emile Shahidi convinced me it was a good idea to put out music under my own name.
As the (real) name suggests, "Joe Howe" music is perhaps a bit more serious than my other output, sitting (uncomfortably) somewhere between club-ready tracks and the thoughtful synthesizer music of Ryuichi Sakamoto or Green Gartside.

Plastic Thought
‘Joe Howe is set to release a new album via Acid Waxa, a label which has never been bound by stereotypes or assumptions. This new record is a wonderful mutation of electronic-funk, and lo-fi, library inspired sounds which makes for an enchanting listen’ - Ransom Note

WA#1 E.P
4 chopped-up tracks, rugged/daft rave feel. Optimism / Brevity! All profits to beneift Mutual Aid during Covid Crisis.


BUILT-IN HARD DISK (demos 2014-16)
Various J.H Vaporware recorded and mixed btw. 2014 and 2016.

MIDI Pile Ep
#FEELINGS is proud to present our 17th release: ‘MIDI Pile’ by Joe Howe. Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Joe’s signature bright, melody-based, minimal pop aesthetic truly glimmers with synthesized effervescence on ‘MIDI Pile’. Previously releasing the stellar ‘EXEP’ with French label Sound Pellegrino, Howe’s bubbly blend of synth pop and club music elements pay homage to electronic/avant garde music pioneers such as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Scritti Politti, Haruomi Hosono, Green Gartside, Laurie Anderson, and Peter Gabriel. Intricate, minimal collages of odd rhythms and bloopy, sharp synths bounce over experimental vocal chops in a modular experience of vocoded, synthetic, bionic timbre.

A producer’s solid statement over 8 tracks spanning from digital funk to playful musique concrète that undoubtedly bring to mind images of him laying the building blocks of a very confident emotion-rich construction set.