Joe Howe
Composer, Performer and Collaborator, based in Glasgow.
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Banana Oil

Banana Oil is a 'Jazz' trio, featuring Joe Howe (Tenor Sax, Keys), Niall Morris (Electric Bass) and Laurie Pitt (Drums).

Formed in early 2017, the group is based around systematic, playful and inventive improvisation, with all members contributing ideas equally to the whole.

Our shows have featured home-made papier-mache barrels, wet look gel and medievalist films about public shaming (complimented by hails of rotting fruit) and are continually evolving and changing, with material taking on new forms and mutations each time it is played.

Prawn Oil Auxilliary, a duo-based permutation of the group, takes things in a more surreal and comedic direction (when Laurie is unavailable).

Banana Oil aims to sound like: 'The Mothers of Invention without all the toxic masculinity'.

Others think Banana Oil sounds like:

'Naked City by-way-of Ren & Stimpy cartoons. Exotic, brain-frying rhythms and bass elasticity scorched by a sax tone that walks the line between smooth as made-up vegetable oil and coarse free jazz skronk' - Monorail Music.

'Wiggy tunefulness and playful sense of structure' - Stewart Smith, The Quietus.

'despite all its complexities somehow this feels super accessible' - Ravechild

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