Rob Churm - Imaginary Magnitude.

Saturday 12th September, 2015.
Glasgow Project Room.

'Hello -
You are invited to a special one off screening of Prame's unmade epic, 'Rigor Mortis, The Glone Speaks' starring Christian Bale and Jodi Foster. Prame will appear in conversation for the first time, answering questions on this previously unseen and unfinished film.'

'Imaginary Magnitude' is an attempt at a live-rendering of an in-progress comic book work, or a sort-of play (with a film in it).

Premiered on saturday the 12th of September 2015, the work starred Kathryn Elkin in the role of Prame - an alien visitor (and Rob's fictional alter-ego), who is grilled by Joe Howe as a lacklustre, under-prepared interviewer, with Rob lurking in the background as a factotum-gone-rogue who ends up taking over the show with a monumental rant.

The work also included a twenty minute film piece, entitled 'Rigor Mortis, The Glone Speaks', which was shot, scripted and edited by Rob, with sound and music by Joe."