The Sand Hills.

Radiophenia, 2016.

Original work, commisioned for 'Radiophrenia', Glasgow's yearly 2 week programme of experimental radio, broadcast from the CCA.

Inspired both by the short-lived ‘Funkoper’ (or Radio Opera) movement of the 1920’s in Germany and British storytelling from the same period, ‘The Sand Hills’ is a Quasi-Operatic Radiophonic work exploring ideas of magic, control and influence through the power of the recorded (and broadcasted) voice.

Libretto & Original Music by Joe Howe, with help from Anneke Kampmann, Rebecca Wilcox, Darren Rhymes, Aideen Doran, Ray McGahan, Jessica Higgins, Matthew Walkerdine, Louise Wilson, Rob Churm, Bastian Hagedorn & Joshua Hill.