Joe Howe
Composer, Performer and Sound Artist,
based in Glasgow.

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DYOT! Club, Rumpus Room, Glasgow (2019)

Cardboard instrument and noisemaker workshop (for young people).
More expansive workshop, again using cardboard and other recycled elements to produce a range of different instruments, from stringed 'tub' basses, to drumkits and congas, to saxophones and other horns, alongside weird and wonderful permutations. Noisy, messy and fun!

Jupiter Rising, Jupiter Artland, Edinburgh (2019)

Cardboard instrument and noisemaker workshop (all ages).
Using recycled materials and based around cardboard tubes, we made instruments based on saxophones, which demonstrated the principal of how a reed interacts with a resonant body and amplifying horn to make a big noise. The workshop culminated in a skronking march around the Festival site.

Afterschool Avant-Garde, Incubate Festival, Tilburg (2012)

w/ Bastian Hagedorn.
A 'Robot Music from Outer-Space' workshop, where local children were encouraged to make improvised electronic music using an array of synthesizers, vocoders and other noise makers and to develop and perform using graphic scores. edited.jpg Edited.jpg edited.jpg edited.jpg edited.jpg