Joe Howe

Musician & Sound Designer,
Based in Glasgow.

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"Joe Howe"
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In 2013, Emile Shahidi convinced me it was a good idea to put out music under my own name. Awkward Club Music, Synth Funk, Keyboard led pop. See Discography for full list.

'Debossed sees Howe ramping up his sound into more rhythmically expansive weirdo club-music territory, taking in everything from footwork, drum & bass, electro, juke and breakcore' -

Wyped Out
'Wyped Out is Joe Howe’s second cassette on the Acid Waxa label, and its daffy parallax-scrolling electronic pop is, for me, an overdue reacquaintance with his headspace' -
Noel Gardner, The Quietus

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Plastic Thought
‘This new record is a wonderful mutation of electronic-funk and lo-fi, library inspired sounds which makes for an enchanting listen’ - Ransom Note

MIDI Pile Ep
'Intricate, minimal collages of odd rhythms and bloopy, sharp synths bounce over experimental vocal chops in a modular experience of vocoded, synthetic, bionic timbre.' #FEELINGS

'A producer’s solid statement over 8 tracks spanning from digital funk to playful musique concrète that undoubtedly bring to mind images of him laying the building blocks of a very confident emotion-rich construction set.' Sound Pellegrino