Joe Howe

Musician & Sound Designer,
Based in Glasgow.

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Meteor/Rodeo is a new project based around electronic improvisations with a stripped down and deliberately rudimentary Modular Synthesizer setup. Largely a "live" project, each performance is by nature completely different. Ultra-minimal, disruptive non-grid based sequencing, voltage feedback loops, polyrhythms.

M*< II 20D30
6 more tracks available on Bandcamp, all improvised w/ minimal edits and rudimentary treatments.
No overdubs. Tracks are all named after phrases I wrote in my Text App after waking up from dreams.

2 early improvised tracks using the Meteor/Rodeo setup, more to follow!

Mercuro-Chrome x Meteor/Rodeo
A collaboration with Mercuro-Chrome, aka Jamie Bolland. All proceeds to Unity Centre & Ubuntu Women's Shelter

Modular Drum Machine Tests
A series of test recordings for what became Meteor/Rodeo, hopefully demonstrating the learning process of getting to grips with this new method of performance & composition. 2021-02-03 at 13_39_38.png