Joe Howe

Musician & Sound Designer,
Based in Glasgow.

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Performances 2013 - Present
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MIDIEVil x Spider Knife (2022)
w/ Hardeep Pandhal.
Live Rap performance as part of Cooper Gallery's '12 Hour Sit-in Revel' at Dundee Botanic Gardens.

Untitled Banana Oil G.I Performance (2018)
w/ Niall Morris, Laurie Pitt.
Live performance incorporating film, costume and a promenade. Based around research into public shaming in the middle ages, this performance involved Banana Oil playing in front of a 45 minute film and encouraging audience members to boo and pelt the band with rotten fruit.

Era Burp Mesh / Rumba Sphere / Re: Bum Phrase / Mr Rebus Heap (2016)
Audiovisual performance - devised for a night of 'soundtracks' to film work, this project comprises an randomised, algorythmically sequenced ''musical" re-edit of Kon Ichikawa's 1956 anti-war film, The Burmese Harp. Created using Max MSP, the programme re-organises the sound and visual from the film, based on musical content to create a dense, flickering, yet somehow meditative piece.

Imaginary Magnitude (2015)
w/ Rob Churm, Kathryn Elkin, Gregor Wright & Lorna Macintyre.
Made as the result of a 2 week residency at Project Rooms, Glasgow, 'Imaginary Magnitude' (written by Rob Churm) is a theatrical work for 3 performers and also incorporates a 20 minute film piece. I was engaged in providing sound design and music for the film work, alongside production and realisation of the theatrical work.

Et un peu du sucre en poudre (2015)
w/ Tom Redfern.
Spoken word performance as part of Radiophrenia, a 24 hour live experimental radio stream, broadcast from the CCA in Glasgow during april 2015. An improvised radio interview, where I ask Tom to recall everything he can, in sequence, of the plot of the animated film 'Asterix & Cleopatra' (1968).

Untitled (2015)
w/ Rob Churm.
Audiovisual performance as part of 'Square Legs, Round Bowls' Glasgow Film Festival, Stereo, Glasgow. Curated by Richy Carey.
Further experiments in Max/MSP x shadow puppets x sweat x synthesizers x weird recursive video & audio looping.

Talking about watching and listening (2015)
I was asked by Richy Carey to take part in an artist's panel on the role sound in art, alongside Carrie Robertson and Raydale Dower, chaired by Harry Weeks. Part of Glasgow Film Festival, CCA, Glasgow.

Untitled (2014)
w/ Rob Churm.
Audiovisual performance as part of 'If, then', Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow.
Developed during our Creative Lab residency, this performance was an improvised moving image piece, which followed on from the rudimentary one shown at DCA. Event programmed by A Feral Studio.

Untitled (2014)
w/ Rob Churm.
Audiovisual performance as part of Continue Without Losing Consciousness, DCA, Dundee.
An attempt at constructing a "live"performative piece of animation, using Max/MSP video looping techniques alongside drawings, movement, shadow puppetry and improvised musical score.

Untitled (2013)
Audiovisual perfomance / technical demonstration of custom Max/MSP patch which was designed to be a sort of 3D, spatial 'dancemat', allowing the user to generate sounds through the movement in space of their arms and hands. Part of 'A Feral Studio #1', programmed by Neil McGuire.

Justine Time by Lake (2013)
w/ Annabel Frearson & Julia Scott.
Audiovisual performance, a description of Max/MSP software language written using only words from Frankenstein. Performance as part of 'Voxish', curated by Pil & Galia Kollectiv - a night of artist's music, Art Licks Festival, London. A second, solo version of this piece was also performed at 'NITEFLIGHTS', CCA, Glasgow. Speech, accompanied by original music, using a custom Max/MSP interface to trigger and manipulated sounds & video.

1913 (2013)
Audiovisual performance as part of '1913: Rite of Spring', curated by Sukaina Kubba and Glasgow School of Art, celebrating the 100th anniversary of Stravinsky's Rite Of Spring, Mono, Glasgow.
My piece consisted of a short speech, based on Poggioli's tenets of the Avant-Garde and the music of Stravinsky, accompanied by a video and audio patch i wrote in Max/MSP which gradually degrades and distorts the performance.

Improvised Sound Film (2013)
Audiovisual performance, performed w/ Graeme Ronald, attempting to generate a live, improvised 'sound film', in front of an audience, using chance and systems. As part of my Masters coursework submission, i made a Redux version, which performs the same function using a Max/MSP interface to provide the systems of chance in sequencing the work.
Part of Sonic Cineplex, The Arches (RIP), Glasgow.

Beefheart Blower (2013)
Audiovisual performance as part of 'Grow Fins: Salute The Captain', a tribute to Captain Beefheart, at The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow.
My piece consisted of a short speech, regarding the so-called 'brainwashing' practiced by Don Van Vliet, in order to get his band to do his bidding, accompanied by a Max MSP patch i wrote, which randomly generates a Beefheart-esque Free Jazz Saxophone Solo. (1)_v3.jpg