Joe Howe

Musician & Sound Designer,
Based in Glasgow.

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National Theatre of Scotland Starter Programme (2017)
w/ Hardeep Pandhal.
4 month residency at Rockvilla, developing original music for 2 of Hardeep's shows, at Tanya Leighton and Berwick Film Festival, alongside creating a full album of collaborative tracks.

Glasgow Project Room (2015)
w/ Rob Churm.
2 week residency, developing a theatrical performance, entitled 'Imaginary Magnitude', which incorporated a short film. Time was spent developing the script and plot of the performance, completing sound recording, filming & editing, alongside constructing a technical setup for the piece (lighting, sound playback, video playback, set design).

CCA Creative Lab (2014)
w/ Rob Churm.
4 week residency, generating ideas and starting points for many endeavours in our ongoing collaborative process, including experiments with Max/MSP generated looping video performances, systems and methods for avant-garde film making & animation, generation of musical scores & sound design. We hosted an open studio event on the 24th of October, showing works in progress.

Klangendum / WORM Studio (2010)
w/ Bastian Hagedorn.
1 week residency, experimenting and recording with WORM studio's expansive collection of Vintage and Modular synthesizers. The session involved finishing and mixing the 'Formed For Fantasy' record and made many new recordings, some of which were released as the