Joe Howe

Musician & Sound Designer,
Based in Glasgow.

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Sound and Music for Artists
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Jasleen Kaur - Alter Altar (Tramway, 2023) -
Sound Design + Editing

Sarah Rose - An Open Letter of Many Replies (Brent Biennial, 2022) -
Original Music, Sound Design, Editing.

Rachel McBrinn & Alison Scott - Congenial Soils and favourable situations' (Cove Park / ACT, 2022) - Sound Consultation.

Shona MacNaughton - Here To Deliver - A Stout-Hearted Dashboard (Edinburgh University Art Collection / Online, 2021) -
Sound Mixing and Additional Sound Design.

Paul Purgas - We Found Our Own Reality (Tramway, Glasgow 2021) -
Surround Mixing, Additional Editing.

Alison Scott - ditto ditto ditto (Collective, Edinburgh 2021) -
Sound Design, Editing.

Hardeep Pandhal - BAMEstorm (Aspex, Portsmouth, 2021) -
Original Music, Mixing.

Hardeep Pandhal & Joe Howe - STUDIOAUDIO: Specialist Safe Space (AICA / Peer / Resonance FM, 2020) -
Original Music, Mixing.

Caitlyn Mcmullan - First Step Swim
Mixing, Sound Design, Original Music.

Rachel McBrinn & Alison Scott - Congenial Soils and Favourable Situations
(Cove Park, Argyle Climate Beacon / ACT)
Sound Consultation.

Aideen DoranWomen sitting at the Machine, Thinking (Talbot Rice 2020, Glasgow International 2021) -
Mixing, Additional Editing.

Kirsty HendryNavel Gazing (Collective, 2020) -
Devising, Creative Production, Sound Recording, Mixing, Original Music.

Mark BleakleyJeopardies (Edinburgh Art Festival, 2020) -
Mixing, Editing, Original Music.

Hardeep PandhalEnsorcelled English (Goldsmiths, 2020) -

Iain McCall - Unexpected Item
(SFTN 2020)
Foley, Sound Design.

Hardeep PandhalConfessions of a Thug: Pakiveli (Tramway, 2019) -
Sound Recording, Mixing.

Calum StirlingThe Frolicsome Engines aka Remote Village aka Orchestron (Netherlands Tour, 2019) - Designing an interface for computer-aided live performance using The Frolicsome Engines, a self-built musical automaton.

Charlotte ProdgerSAF05 (Venice Biennalle, 2019) -
Instrument Sound recording.

Georgia HorganDear Barb (Jerwood, 2018) -
Sound Recording.

Gas TowerWhat's with all this emotional? (Glasgow International, 2018) -
Sound Recording.

Lucy DuncombePop Ago (Counterflows, 2018) -
Co-Development, Arrangement.

Hardeep PandhalPool Party Pilot Episode (New Museum Triennial, 2018) -
Original Music, Sound Recording.

Hardeep PandhalKonfessions of a Klabautermann (Berwick Film Festival, 2017) -
Original music, Sound Recording, Mixing, Live Performance.

Charlotte ProdgerLHB (Berwick Film Festival, 2017) -
Voice Over Recording.

Rob ChurmParasite Rex (CCA, 2017) -
Original Music, Audiovisual Installation.

Hardeep PandhalThe Rebirth of Sacred Cow Mixtape Trailer (Tanya Leighton, 2017 / Cubitt 2018) -
Original Music, Recording, Mixing.

Hardeep PandhalNightmare on BAME Street (Eastside Projects, 2017) -
Mixing, Sound Design.

Kathryn ElkinTelevision (CCA, 2016) -
Original Music, Sound Design, Sound Recording.

Gas TowerHow When The Where (Glasgow International, 2016) -
Original Music, Sound Design, Sound Recording, Editing, Mixing.

Kathryn ElkinWhy La Bamba? (CCA Derry~Londonderry, 2015) -
Sound Recording, Editing and Mixing.

Rob ChurmImaginary Magnitude (Glasgow Project Room, 2015) -
Original Score, Sound Recording, Foley, Editing, Mixing, Devising.

Annabel FrearsonJustine Time By Lake / The Panegyric and the Into-Face (2014) -
Original Composition, Editing, Sound Design.

Annabel FrearsonBad Brain Call (Xero, Kline & Coma, 2012) -
Album of original compositions derived from Annabel's original texts.